What is better than spending time with your family? Spending time with your family outdoors on your deck! These together moments are the ones that make memories to last a lifetime.

Check out a few ways to enjoy family time on your deck after, and most importantly, all mobile devices have been silenced:

  • Play Charades – a time honored family tradition for young and old.
  • Play Cards or Board Games such as Dominoes, Monopoly, Yahtzee …the list is endless and never fail to engage healthy competition.
  • Tell stories with everyone taking turns telling a small piece of the story, adding to the plot.
  • Stargaze by setting up a telescope and seeing which constellations you and your family can find.
  • Watch nature through a pair of binoculars and see which birds your family can spot.
  • Grilled meals seem to taste so much better when eaten outdoors.
  • Reading and discussing books together are great ways to share family values.
  • Learn something new together…maybe yoga, exercise, or a new hobby.
  • Schedule a movie night on your deck.
  • Sing Karaoke where everyone becomes a Rock Star!
  • Build a fort…and perhaps spend a night in it with the kids.

The type of time you spend together will vary according to what each family member wants, needs, and is most comfortable with. By picking one or two ways to spend time together makes it easier to become a long-term commitment.

If you are thinking about adding a deck to your home our licensed contractors will ensure timely completion of the work.

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