Are you dreaming of building a deck? Begin planning by gathering all the information you need to make a fully informed decision.

You would be surprised at how many people mistakenly believe that waiting until Spring to plan a deck project they want to be able to use in Spring is a good idea.

Tips that can prevent avoidable mistakes:

  • Purpose:

Different purposes require different amounts of space. To get the most from your new deck, aim for a design that reflects your interests and activities. Are you using your deck for entertaining, grilling, family time, or all of these?

  • Location:

The size of your property will have the greatest influence on the deck location. Are you planning on attaching it to your kitchen, family room, bedroom, or all three?

  • Budget:

It’s a good idea to define your budget as early as possible in the design process. Your budget will certainly affect the size of your deck.

  • Design:

Your yard should be at least twice as big as your deck and match the appearance of your home for an attractive addition. Do you want sun or shade? Do you want privacy or a grand view?

  • Built-in Seating:

Adding seating to your design means you will have to consider how many people will use your deck at any given time.

  • Storage:

Adding storage will allow you to store gardening tools, grilling equipment, cookware, pool towels, and more, out of sight of your guests.

  • Miscellaneous Deck Accessories:

Deck accessories can change the character or your deck.

Some examples are – lighting, planter boxes, Hot-tub, a deck gate, and whatever else your heart desires.

What are you waiting for? Get started on your covered deck today!

Family owned and operated, Dynamic Decks has more than 20 years of experience building decks for Spokane families. We are happy to provide a quote or additional information about your deck design. Ask about railings, covers and pergolas and lighting – our team can install everything you need to complete your outdoor living area. Get an estimate by calling Dynamic Decks at 509-464-3325.