If you have ever scrimped and saved to be able to afford household improvements or renovations, then you know that upgrades to your home can be costly, but worth the investment.

As such, you want to protect your investment. Learn more about why you should only work with licensed and bonded contractors here.

Hiring only licensed and bonded contractors protects your investment, the quality of the work performed, and holds the contractor responsible for their work.  Contractors that are licensed and bonded are prepared to take accountability for their work should something go awry during construction. In the event that a subcontractor should be injured on the job for example, this will go through the contractor’s insurance, not your homeowner’s insurance (claims against your homeowner’s insurance can raise your premium and/or cause your policy to not be renewed). Additionally, in the rare instance that your job is left unfinished, a homeowner can take civil action against the contractor’s bond to remedy the issue.  In choosing an unlicensed and/or bonded contractor, you will expose yourself to potential vulnerabilities.

A licensed contractor fulfils all the legal requirements such as signing a legal contract between the two of you before the project is undertaken. Moreover, they are trained to understand fully and meet all the legal requirements. They will schedule inspections to make sure your project meets all the regulatory requirements, which is critical to the safety of your home and to keep your project problem free at all stages. Meeting compliances is also crucial to the valuations of your property. When you decide to resell the property, the first thing the potential buyer checks is the compliances. Hiring a contractor who is licensed and is aware of the legal implications saves you from any unnecessary aggravations or roadblocks.

Licensed contractors take their construction project very seriously. They care about their reputation and strive to deliver the best results. Licensed and bonded contractors also have a complete record of all previous projects, making it easier to verify their qualifications, review their recommendations, and evaluate their skills.

Licensed contractors follow a disciplined approach for their projects. They carefully assess the process and work required to carry out projects effectively and skillfully, while keeping you updated during all phases of work. If you are thinking about upgrading to your outdoor living space, give your friends at Dynamic Decks a call, and we are happy to walk you through our qualifications!

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