As a homeowner, there is an expectation that you will maintain a safe and secure property. Naturally, when selecting a deck railing, safety is at the top of your list of “must-haves.” To determine the safest deck railing, key factors to consider are height of your deck, railing material and design.

Height of Deck

The state of Washington requires decks with a height of 33 inches or higher to have a guard rail to keep people from falling off.  If your deck is high, then you will need a taller deck rail to maintain safety. Note: if you have a deck 33 inches plus that does not have a deck rail installed, you are in violation of the law. Should a person sustain injury as a result of falling from your deck, you leave yourself open to serious consequences as a homeowner. We urge you to contact a professional promptly to have a rail installed.

Deck Material & Design

There are a few different deck rail options available that are considered safe for both children and adults. When considering the safest deck material, you may have children in mind. Unfortunately, there is not material available that is guaranteed to protect from injury one hundred percent of the time; supervise any children or pets in your yard to prevent injury. Some of the most common deck materials include: cable, glass and aluminum.

  • Cable Deck Railings: Cable deck rails are known to be a sleek and very modern addition to any deck. Many have thought this could be an unsafe option for children as the horizontal slats create a “ladder effect” which children can climb and subsequently fall. Research suggests, however,  that falls from railings account for 0.032 percent of injuries in young children.
  • Glass Railings: Glass railings are appealing because they offer a clear view of your surroundings, though many homeowners might wonder if the glass is weather and element resistant. Decking professionals can offer thicker, drop-in style, tempered glass that is up to five-times stronger than regular glass.  Should this glass shatter, it will break into pieces that do not have sharp edges, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Aluminum Railings: Aluminum railings can withstand all elements and extreme temperatures without warping, as aluminum is not susceptible to erosion. This means your investment can last for decades without compromising structural strength or beauty.

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