Enjoy Your Deck No Matter the Weather

There’s nothing worse than standing inside, staring out the window longingly at your deck on a rainy day. Fortunately, you don’t have to let the weather decide whether you enjoy your deck or not. With deck covers, you can keep your deck dry and safe every day of the week.

Why Cover Your Deck?

With the weather changes that come with the seasons, wouldn’t it be nice to use your deck whichever season it is?

  • Allow for Year-Round Use

  • BBQ in the Winter

  • Take a Nap in the Shade in the Hot Summer

  • Watch the Big Game on Your Deck in the Fall

  • Enjoy a Nice Sunrise in the Spring

Advantages of Deck Covers

Whether it’s an insulated roof, pergola, skylight cover, awning, sunshade, screen or lattice there are several beautiful methods by which to add a cover to your deck – making your outdoor living space usable 12-months a year. Among the top reasons to consider cover for your deck or patio include:

  • Protect Your Investment (Your Deck) From the Weather

  • Walk on Your Deck Barefoot

  • Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

  • Gathering Place for Your Friends and Family

  • Like Adding a Room To Your Home

Have You Considered These Upgrades?

When putting together your dream deck, doing it right the first time is the key. We can create add-ons and other improvements to your existing deck. Below are some of the beautiful options we offer, or dream of something else and ask us about it.

Deck Covers

Adding a deck cover or roof extends the use of your deck all season.

Year-round outdoor livability


Stair and Deck Railing for Safety

Safety, with style


Lighting and Privacy Fences

Let your imagination run wild

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Call 509-464-3325 to get an estimate on a deck construction project in Spokane, WA.

Call 509-464-3325 to get an estimate on a deck construction project in Spokane, WA.